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Get scared by the T-Rex

His name means the king of the tyrants lizards. They lives 65 million years ago.

The king of the tyrantslizards
Get scared by the T- rex
Get scared by the T- rex
The main character of Jurassic Park is running to us… it is the fiercest dinosaur… and really scary!

The main character of Jurassic Park is running to us… it is the fiercest dinosaur… and really scary! It is the most famous dinosaur: it appears in films, cartoons, TV series, comics and even video games. If you are a fan of News Kids collection, you already know that it is not the largest carnivoredinosaur, but it is definitely the most famous. It is and will always be the king of Dinosaurs!

Tyrannosaurus means “tyrant lizard” and Rex means “King” in Latin. Its name may be translated as “The king of tyrant lizards” and it makes reference to its predominance over the rest of dinosaurs.

When did it live?

It lived in the Upper Cretaceous, 65 millions of years ago, in the West of North America.

What was it like?

It was an impressive biped dinosaur 5m high… as tall as a three-storey building! It weighed around 7 tons and was 13 m long. Its hind limbs were strong and its forelimbs -small but very powerful bore two fingers with sharp claws.

How did it reproduce?
The female laid between 10 and 20eggs which it buried in the soil or in the mud (the same as tortoises do nowadays) and in less than a month the offspring were strong enough as to break the shells by themselves.

What did it eat?
It hunted herbivore dinosaurs and was a scavenger. Scientists believe that it had very good sight and sense of smellto locate its preys. It was a terriblepredator and needed an amount of food equivalent to its own weight per week.

Where did it live?
The Tyrannosaurus lived in the West of North America, from Alberta (Canada) to Mexico. Scientists believe that it also inhabited China, India and South America. It lived in subtropical forests with rivers and lakes, or in flooded places.

When were the first fossils found?
In 1902 a part of a skeleton was found in Montana, USA. Later, other bones were found in Wyoming, also in USA. It was in 1905 when the paleontologist Henry Fairfield Osborn designed the first drawing of this fierce carnivore and named it Tyrannosaurus Rex. Up to the present day, only 8 skeletons have been found, but they are incomplete. The forelimbs and the last portion of the tail have not been found yet.

If you can travel in time, which dinosaur would you like to meet?

If you can travel in time, ¿which dinosaur would you like to meet?


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