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Triangles and Quaderlaterals

Triangles and quaderlaters are geometric shapes. In this post you will learn the different types of quadrilaterals and triangles and their properties.

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Developing the concept
Triangles and rectangles are geometric shapes that, like their name say, indicate and possess three sides (equal or different) in the case of triangles and four for rectangles.

Triangles are polygons formed with three sides and three angles whiel quadrilaterals have four sides and are made up sticking two triangles together.

It is important to recognize a shape and its properties, to know: how many paralell sides it has, how many right angles and how many equal sides it has.

Quadrilaterals present more varieties than triangular shapes as they are squared and we have rectangles, rhombus and rhomboids.
  • There are different types of triangles that exist:
    equilateral, isoscees and scalene.
  • Betwenn the quadrilaterals there is the square, rectangle,
    rhombus, paralellogram and trapezium.
In yoga there is a position which in Sanskrit is called Trikona (triangle).
In boxing, the square ring is the combat area.
  • rectangle and square

    Rectangle and square

  • Triangle

  • Trapezoid and parallelogram

Where can you find triangles and quadrilaterals in everyday life?


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