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Eco-cities of the future

Every day there are more and more cities which are becoming more and more eco-friendly. Would you like to know what measures they have taken to become more ecological? Find out here.

Concept Development
• Green Architecture:
Solar panels, vents, natural light, roofs that re-use rain water on walls to create shade – all these are some of the ways to have energy-saving houses and buildings.

• Non-polluting means of transportation:
Let’s welcome the use of bicycles! The idea of these cities is to reduce the use of cars and motorcycles as much as they can. The green wave involves walking, cycling, or rollerblading. In addition, aside from taking care of the environment, you get to exercise. The benefits are twofold! In some cities there are also buses that run on solar energy.

• Parks for everyone:
They are very important for city dwellers since they act as lungs cleaning polluted air. In addition, they are ideal to practice sports, get together with friends and enjoy nature.

Bits and pieces
Hard work to become the most ecological country
In China, the most populated country in the world, 130 sustainable cities are being built. The most eagerly awaited one is the eco-friendly city called Tanjin, which will be finished by mid-2020. It’s going to be absolutely modern! It is composed by a network of ecological trains, solar and wind energy, green roofs and roughly 350,000 inhabitants.

People who decide to live there will have to learn a lot about being eco-friendly. Refuse collection will be selective, there will only be 120 liters of water available per day for each one of its inhabitants and everything will be within easy reach so that everyone can have easy walking access. Isn’t it great!

Top 5 Eco-friendly Cities
1. Vancouver, Canadá This is the most ecological city in the world. Congratulations!

2. Cape Town, South Africa: They are champions of energy consumption, even though it is one of the most populated cities in the world.

3. Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Luxury and ecology live together in this beautiful city. Everything is possible!
4.Adelaide, Australia: Also known as the Cycling City; it provides more than 500 bikes that can be used at no cost. As well as this, people can also get on the Tindo bus, the first one that runs on solar energy in the world, and has air-conditioning and Wi-Fi.

5. Dallas, United States of America: There are green laws in the construction sector…and they must be obeyed!

  • Future Green cities

    Future Green cities

  • Eco-friendly cities

    Eco-friendly cities

  • Eco-cities


  • The future looks greener than ever!

    The future looks greener than ever!

Did you know that…
…April 22 is Earth Day and this year the topic of that day was “Sustainable Green cities?”

…according to research carried out by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Green areas are a natural solution to reduce stress and cheer people up?
…a group of designers and engineers from Bangkok won an award for their invention for Green cities: a bike air filter to clean the polluted air as it rides. Amazing!

Eco-cities of the future

How do you imagine cities will be like in the future?


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